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Re:[avr-gcc-list] Example programs missing in WinAVR 20070525

From: Colin Wall
Subject: Re:[avr-gcc-list] Example programs missing in WinAVR 20070525
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 08:45:19 +1200

> ----- Message from "Royce Pereira" <address@hidden> on Wed, 19
> Sep 2007 14:54:14 +0530 -----

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> AVR-GCC <address@hidden>

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> [avr-gcc-list] Example programs missing in WinAVR 20070525

> Hi,
> Attempting to use the AVR TWI interface for the 1st time, I
> discovered that the example TWI code as described in the AVR-LIBC
> manual is missing - the link (HTML version) says it is at
>   C:/WinAVR-20070525/doc/avr-libc/examples/twitest/twitest.c
> but the link wont work , & I couldn't find the 'examples' folder stated above.
> Can I get these examples elsewhere?
> Thanks,
> --Royce

If your installation is the same as mine, then the examples folder is directly under the WinAVR folder. If you drag and drop it to be under ...\doc\avr-libc\ folder then all those links should work.

Perhaps Eric might take note of this for the next WinAVR release???


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