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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Bootloader for m324p

From: Neil Davey
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Bootloader for m324p
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 00:40:21 +1000
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Hi Sebastian,
I got Peter Fleury's stk500v2 boot loader (http://jump.to/fleury) working on the m324p.
As I recall it didn't take a huge amount of work. This work with avrdude.

Neil Davey

address@hidden wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have been trying to port one of the existing avr910 bootloaders (namely [1] and [2]) to an ATmega324p without much success. They both respond after some tweaking of the UART sertip. I can use both of them with avrdude. They even claim to succesfully write to flash whatever I feed them but in every case the application flash section is still all 0xFF afterwards (verify fails and reading via ISP returns all 0xFF). I suppose the error is on my side, but just in case it saves some trouble: Has anyone successfully used avr-libc's boot.h functions with an m324p? Are they expected to work?

I will go ahead and compare the datasheet of m32 and m324p but I hope that someone else might come up wiht something easier :-)

Btw: I am using WinAVR-20071221 patched with avr-libc-1.6.1.

Tanks in advance,

[1] http://www.siwawi.arubi.uni-kl.de/avr_projects/#avrprog_boot
[2] http://www.lochraster.org/etherrape/#software

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