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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Problem to control S1D13305 (SED1335-Epson Controller

From: Paulo Marques
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Problem to control S1D13305 (SED1335-Epson Controller) with using ATmega32
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2008 12:39:26 +0100
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Sach wrote:

I am trying to control S1D13305 (SED1335-Epson Controller) based Graphic LCD
with using AVR ATmega32 microcontroller.

void Delay(unsigned int counter)
                counter = counter - 1;

I didn't check the whole code, but at least this part is bad as the compiler is free to optimize this function away completely.

Place a:

#define F_CPU  8000000UL

on the top of your code and use the delay macros in "util/delay.h".

I hope this helps,

Paulo Marques
Software Development Department - Grupo PIE, S.A.
Phone: +351 252 290600, Fax: +351 252 290601
Web: www.grupopie.com

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