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[avr-gcc-list] linkerError "region text is full"

From: Tobias Drößler
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] linkerError "region text is full"
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 12:20:21 +0200
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i use borland make on windows.

after compiling the linker starts and prints " region text is full (a.out section .text)"

what does it mean ???
I dont know if this is the cause for the errors later ( see below ) with "undefined reference to"

here some more print details :
link to ..\image\ATMegaEmpty
C:\Progrg\WinAVR\bin\avr-gcc.exe ..\image\MN_Main.o ..\image\PR_2561.o ..\image\AH_Actn.o ..\image\TI_Timer.o ..\image\UA_Intrn.o ..\image\UA1_Aufs.o ..\image\UA2_Aufs.o ..\image\ETH_Net.o ..\image\ARP_Net.o ..\image\IP_Net.o

c:\progrg\winavr\bin\..\lib\gcc\avr\4.1.1\..\..\..\..\avr\bin\ld.exe: region text is full (a.out section .text)

..\image\ETH_Net.o: In function `ETH_IRQReadPacketFromNicToQueue':
W:\build/..\src\ETH_Net.c:1344: undefined reference to `CM_GetDownloadPort'

there are many more entries with   xxx undefined reference to  yyy

the linker-options-line  looks like that:

-mmcu=$(MCU)                            \
       -nodefaultlibs                  \
       -Wl,--start-group               \
       -lc                             \
       -lgcc                           \
       -Wl,--end-group                 \
       --cref                          \
       --defsym                        \
       --stack=0x10FF                  \
       -o $(IMG)\$(PROJECT).ELF
MCU is ATMega2561

may it will help if i send the whole makefile , please tell me

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