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[avr-gcc-list] avr-gcc 4.2.2 atmega 2561 issues

From: Simon Eatough
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] avr-gcc 4.2.2 atmega 2561 issues
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 15:49:34 +1300
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Hi folks
I've got a project where the code has just crossed the dreaded 128k boundary. 
Specifically glibc straddles the boundary. 
I've got problems with the code crashing,  due i think to call of si_to_float 
in libgcc  which sets up the Z register for the eijmp in 
__prolog_saves__  ,but does not set EIND . causing the eijmp instruction to 
jump to the wrong address.

disassembly below.

si_to_float (SItype arg_a)
   1fee4:   a8 e0           ldi r26, 0x08   ; 8
   1fee6:   b0 e0           ldi r27, 0x00   ; 0
   1fee8:   e8 e7           ldi r30, 0x78   ; 120
   1feea:   ff ef           ldi r31, 0xFF   ; 255
   1feec:   0d 94 7f 04     jmp 0x208fe ; 0x208fe <__prologue_saves__+0x12>
   1fef0:   9b 01           movw    r18, r22
   1fef2:   ac 01           movw    r20, r24
  fp_number_type in;


000208ec <__prologue_saves__>:
   208ec:   2f 92           push    r2
   208ee:   3f 92           push    r3
   208f0:   4f 92           push    r4
   208f2:   5f 92           push    r5
   208f4:   6f 92           push    r6
   208f6:   7f 92           push    r7
   208f8:   8f 92           push    r8
   208fa:   9f 92           push    r9
   208fc:   af 92           push    r10
   208fe:   bf 92           push    r11
   20900:   cf 92           push    r12
   20902:   df 92           push    r13
   20904:   ef 92           push    r14
   20906:   ff 92           push    r15
   20908:   0f 93           push    r16
   2090a:   1f 93           push    r17
   2090c:   cf 93           push    r28
   2090e:   df 93           push    r29
   20910:   cd b7           in  r28, 0x3d   ; 61
   20912:   de b7           in  r29, 0x3e   ; 62
   20914:   ca 1b           sub r28, r26
   20916:   db 0b           sbc r29, r27
   20918:   0f b6           in  r0, 0x3f    ; 63
   2091a:   f8 94           cli
   2091c:   de bf           out 0x3e, r29   ; 62
   2091e:   0f be           out 0x3f, r0    ; 63
   20920:   cd bf           out 0x3d, r28   ; 61
   20922:   19 94           eijmp

Wonder if there is a workaround for this ?


Simon Eatough
Development Engineer
Pertronic Industries
Wellington NZ

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