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[avr-gcc-list] Tiny88 __data_load_end stuck at 256?

From: Bob Paddock
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Tiny88 __data_load_end stuck at 256?
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 14:30:36 -0500

I have code that calculates the CRC of Flash at power up, that works
fine on the AT90CAN64 part.
When I move the CRC function to the Tiny88 it does not work.

To me it looks like in the generated code _data_load_end is stuck at
0x0100 (256),
but the map and symbol file show reasonable values:

project.map file:
                0x0000034a                __data_load_start = LOADADDR (.data)
                0x0000034a                __data_load_end =
(__data_load_start + SIZEOF (.data))

project.sym file:
00000346 W exit
00000348 t __stop_program
0000034a A __data_load_end
0000034a A __data_load_start
0000034a T _etext
00800100 B __bss_start
00800100 T __data_end
00800100 T __data_start

project.lss file:
  uint16_t flash_end_u16 = (uint16_t) &(__data_load_end[0]);
 13e:   00 e0           ldi     r16, 0x00       ; 0
 140:   11 e0           ldi     r17, 0x01       ; 1

What is going on here?

This is with avr-gcc (WinAVR 20081205) 4.3.2.

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