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[avr-gcc-list] Newbie question

From: David VanHorn
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Newbie question
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 11:05:02 -0500

Interrupt latency.
I have an app on a Mega32L, running at 4 MHz.
I'm trying to measure the widths of pulses that could be as short as 5uS.
The theory was to detect the first rising edge, and zero T1.
Then on the second rising edge, grab the count from T1, which is running at CK/1
The problem I'm running into is that the generated ISR is showing a latency of >7uS between the high edge of the pulse that generates INT0 and where my code starts executing.  Even taking the part to 8 MHZ doesn't look like it will work, yet I know that at 4 MHz I can do this job in asm.
I understand what the compiler is doing, but the ISR it generates is way too slow.
(see below)
If I were writing this app in assembler, I'd have reserved at least two high registers for ISR use, and another low one to store SREG in, and a low register dedicated to holding 0x00, and a register holding speed-critical bit flags like Raw_Edge_Flag, so I'd have something like this:
INT0:                   ;Same latency to this point in ASM or C..
in STEMP,SREG ; Nothing needs be pushed
btss Flags,0        ; See wether this is the first or last edge
rjmp INT0_Fin      ; If it's the last edge, handle appropriately.
out TCNT1H,ZERO  ;Clear the timer
out TCNT1L,ZERO  ;
reti                        ; wait for next edge.
in ITEMP,TCNT1H   ;Once I've captured the timer value,
in ITEMP2,TCNT1L  ; I don't care how long the ISR takes to run.
(rest of the int for the back edge)   ;since the pulse is over now.
So my question is, how close can I get to my ASM approach, using C?
0000022D:   9508        RET                      Subroutine return
@0000022E: __vector_1
450:      {
+0000022E:   921F        PUSH      R1             Push register on stack
+0000022F:   920F        PUSH      R0             Push register on stack
+00000230:   B60F        IN        R0,0x3F        In from I/O location
+00000231:   920F        PUSH      R0             Push register on stack
+00000232:   2411        CLR       R1             Clear Register
+00000233:   938F        PUSH      R24            Push register on stack
+00000234:   939F        PUSH      R25            Push register on stack
+00000235:   93EF        PUSH      R30            Push register on stack
+00000236:   93FF        PUSH      R31            Push register on stack
451:       if (Raw_Edge_Flag == 0)   // If this is the first time thru
+00000237:   91800082    LDS       R24,0x0082     Load direct from data space
+00000239:   2388        TST       R24            Test for Zero or Minus
+0000023A:   F441        BRNE      PC+0x09        Branch if not equal
453:         TCNT1H=0;    // Timer starts at 0
+0000023B:   BD8D        OUT       0x2D,R24       Out to I/O location
454:         TCNT1L=0;
+0000023C:   BD8C        OUT       0x2C,R24       Out to I/O location
455:         Raw_Edge_Flag = 0xFF; // Next time is the end of a pulse
+0000023D:   EF8F        SER       R24            Set Register
+0000023E:   93800082    STS       0x0082,R24     Store direct to data space
456:         Debug_DDR  |= (1 << Debug_Pin); // Output
+00000240:   9A8D        SBI       0x11,5         Set bit in I/O register
457:         Debug_Port |= (1 << Debug_Pin); // High
+00000241:   9A95        SBI       0x12,5         Set bit in I/O register
458:         return;
+00000242:   C020        RJMP      PC+0x0021      Relative jump
462:         Raw_Data[0][Raw_Data_In_Index] = TCNT1;
+00000243:   91800083    LDS       R24,0x0083     Load direct from data space
+00000245:   2FE8        MOV       R30,R24        Copy register
+00000246:   27FF        CLR       R31            Clear Register
+00000247:   0FEE        LSL       R30            Logical Shift Left
+00000248:   1FFF        ROL       R31            Rotate Left Through Carry
+00000249:   57EC        SUBI      R30,0x7C       Subtract immediate
+0000024A:   4FFF        SBCI      R31,0xFF       Subtract immediate with carry
+0000024B:   B58C        IN        R24,0x2C       In from I/O location
+0000024C:   B59D        IN        R25,0x2D       In from I/O location
+0000024D:   8391        STD       Z+1,R25        Store indirect with displacement
+0000024E:   8380        STD       Z+0,R24        Store indirect with displacement
463:         Debug_DDR  |= (1 << Debug_Pin); // Output
+0000024F:   9A8D        SBI       0x11,5         Set bit in I/O register
464:         Debug_Port &=~(1 << Debug_Pin); // Low
+00000250:   9895        CBI       0x12,5         Clear bit in I/O register
465:         Raw_Edge_Flag = 0; // So the next event will be a beginning
+00000251:   92100082    STS       0x0082,R1      Store direct to data space
467:         if ((TIFR & (1<< TOV1))==1) // If we rolled T0
+00000253:   B788        IN        R24,0x38       In from I/O location
+00000254:   2799        CLR       R25            Clear Register
+00000255:   7084        ANDI      R24,0x04       Logical AND with immediate
+00000256:   7090        ANDI      R25,0x00       Logical AND with immediate
+00000257:   9701        SBIW      R24,0x01       Subtract immediate from word
+00000258:   F421        BRNE      PC+0x05        Branch if not equal
470:          TIFR |= (1<<TOV1);    // reset the overflow condition
+00000259:   B788        IN        R24,0x38       In from I/O location
+0000025A:   6084        ORI       R24,0x04       Logical OR with immediate
+0000025B:   BF88        OUT       0x38,R24       Out to I/O location
+0000025C:   C006        RJMP      PC+0x0007      Relative jump
477:          GICR  |= (1 << INT1);   // Enable INT1
+0000025D:   B78B        IN        R24,0x3B       In from I/O location
+0000025E:   6880        ORI       R24,0x80       Logical OR with immediate
+0000025F:   BF8B        OUT       0x3B,R24       Out to I/O location
478:          GICR  &=~(1 << INT0);   // Disable INT0
+00000260:   B78B        IN        R24,0x3B       In from I/O location
+00000261:   7B8F        ANDI      R24,0xBF       Logical AND with immediate
+00000262:   BF8B        OUT       0x3B,R24       Out to I/O location
+00000263:   91FF        POP       R31            Pop register from stack
+00000264:   91EF        POP       R30            Pop register from stack
+00000265:   919F        POP       R25            Pop register from stack
+00000266:   918F        POP       R24            Pop register from stack
+00000267:   900F        POP       R0             Pop register from stack
+00000268:   BE0F        OUT       0x3F,R0        Out to I/O location
+00000269:   900F        POP       R0             Pop register from stack
+0000026A:   901F        POP       R1             Pop register from stack
+0000026B:   9518        RETI

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