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[avr-gcc-list] Re: Using in/out Instructions with ATmega128

From: David Brown
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Re: Using in/out Instructions with ATmega128
Date: Tue, 05 May 2009 10:24:25 +0200
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Thomas D. Dean wrote:
On Mon, 2009-05-04 at 16:48 -0600, Weddington, Eric wrote:
Sorry about the reply, I just hit reply, did not check the address...

I know about the case sensitivity of options, I did a typo in a make
file.  I normally use -Os, changed to -O3 (-o3) while playing with this.

Source code attached.

I gather you've fixed your problem.

But for future reference, when you are asked for the source code for a dozen lines of assembly, please just post the relevant code. You can't really expect people to wade through 500 lines of complicated macros to try to figure out your code. Make a test file containing an absolute minimum of code that demonstrates your problem - it is far easier for others to understand and therefore to help you, and there is also a good chance that in the process you figure out the problem yourself.



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