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Re: [avr-gcc-list] 8-bit relocations on AVR

From: Joerg Wunsch
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] 8-bit relocations on AVR
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 06:10:50 +0100
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As Weddington, Eric wrote:

> Note that FSF's standard for a small change is 10 lines or less that
> are changed. Or typically something that is obvious. Andrew's patch
> seems to be a bit more than 10 lines, and is not necessarily an
> obvious change. However, it is not that big of a patch either. I
> think you're right that a personal disclaimer might be best.

I also had that number in mind, and wanted to find a reference for it.
Note that the article I've been referring to talks about "small to
medium changes", without mentioning any figure for it.  Maybe they
realized that demanding the "full procedure" from virtually everybody
except those fixing just a typo costs them valuable contributions.

cheers, J"org               .-.-.   --... ...--   -.. .  DL8DTL

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Never trust an operating system you don't have sources for. ;-)

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