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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Mac AVR Tools available

From: Omar Choudary
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Mac AVR Tools available
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 00:26:31 +0200

Hi Chris,

I've just tested your MAC script. I am not a MAC expert yet so my
feedback might not be the most technical... yet here it is

I've run the installer, choosing for "all users". That completed but
at the end I did not know where/how to run the tools. That is, if I
open a terminal I cannot find the tools available on my path, nor I
can find any kind of tool suite under the apps or utils folders.

Then I decided to try the script itself. After simply running "sh
avrtools.sh install all" it seems that everything builds but towards
the end I get a kind of error:

 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 '../avrdude.1'
...finished installing avrdude-5.10
creating package...
Preverifying built_avrtools
  Preverifying built_avrtools
  Checking bundle identifiers
  Checking package configuration
  Checking contents
  Loading contents
  Applying Recommended Permissions
  Checking for ZeroLink
Preverifying Marrin AVR Tools
  Preverifying Marrin AVR Tools
Building built_avrtools
  Building built_avrtools
  Copying Scripts
  Copying root to temporary location
  Preserving resource forks
  Creating permission hierarchy
  Creating Bill-of-Materials file
  Archiving files
  Creating PackageInfo file
  Renaming package files
Building Marrin AVR Tools
  Building Marrin AVR Tools
  Creating shell
  Copying resources
    ERROR: Could not copy resources to "en.lproj".
  Creating Distribution Script
  Constructing flat mpkg
...finished creating package

Still... after this I had your built in my /tmp/built_avr/ folder.

I simply copied the contents of this somewhere else (e.g.
/usr/share/built_avr/) and then added an entry to my PATH variable
(edit ~/.profile) pointing to that:
export PATH

This made the tools available on a terminal. With this in place I was
able to build my project successfully and get a .hex file, although I
haven't tested this yet on the actual board. Hopefully it will work as

Some things I would add to your script are:
- overall file with log of build/errors
- possibility (on command line) to specify the build/installation path

See my linux build script for an example (I think there are not many
modifications needed):



On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 11:38 PM, Chris Marrin <address@hidden> wrote:
> Sorry for cross-posting, but I wanted to make sure both relevant groups 
> received this.
> I've got my first version of Mac AVR Tools available for download. You can 
> get the package installer here:
>        http://avr.marrin.org/downloads/
> or you can get the script and associated files from github:
>        https://github.com/cmarrin/avrtools
> The package consists of:
>        binutils 2.21
>        avr-gcc 4.5.2 (and friends)
>        avr-libc 1.7.1
>        avrdude 5.10
> The avrtools.sh script should be able to run on Leopard, although I've only 
> tested it on Snow Leopard so far. But it builds i386 executables which have 
> been tested to run on both Leopard and Snow Leopard.
> I've incorporated several patches from around the web (mostly from the 
> MHVTools sources) but I'm sure I'm not including everything I could.
> I'd very much like to hear feedback on whether or not it works for you, and I 
> always welcome updates and additional patches to make the package better. 
> Please add your comments and suggestions to the blog (http://avr.marrin.org/).
> My goal here is to get a nice modern toolchain for Mac development. I've 
> talked to Eric Weddington about his efforts to make a cross-platform 
> toolchain and I'll be happy to roll this work into (or have it superceded by) 
> that effort. But being the impatient sort, I wanted something NOW! :-)
> Enjoy...
> -----
> ~Chris
> address@hidden
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