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Re: [avr-gcc-list] AVR Studio 4.19 does not work with AVR Toolchain 3.4.

From: Erik Christiansen
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] AVR Studio 4.19 does not work with AVR Toolchain 3.4.0 (informative)
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 01:04:10 +1000
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.20 (2009-06-14)

On 09.08.12 14:49, Paulo Marques wrote:
> I think that, even with clean glasses :) , you've missed (on the OP):
> References: <address@hidden> <address@hidden>
>       <address@hidden>
> which contains the message-ID of the previous post:
> Message-ID: <address@hidden>
> so thunderbird is working just fine, and so is mutt...

Ah-ha, thank you for the missing data point, Paulo.
When I pressed # in mutt, to separate the linked threads in its display,
it has deleted the "References:" header to achieve that. So you're
right, both MUAs are working fine ... and there is hope for my eyes.
(But I should have guessed how it did it. It's obvious in retrospect. :-(

Some of us here have learnt something, either about what # does, about
email headers, or about being helpful. (And some are informatively
helpful to begin with. :-)

Thanks again,


There are two kinds of fool. One says, "This is old, and therefore good."
And one says, "This is new, and therefore better"
                                     - John Brunner, "The Shockwave Rider"

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