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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Living With Atmel Studio 6.0

From: Erik Christiansen
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Living With Atmel Studio 6.0
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 02:18:45 +1000
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On 09.08.12 17:22, David Brown wrote:
> And once you've got external makefiles, externally managed source
> files, and externally managed toolchains, then it's pretty easy to
> use whatever editor you want.  You can then do a "build" at any time,
> without having to involve the editor.  As a bonus, your builds will
> usually be much faster than via the IDE (especially if you use "make
> -j").

Yup, have to agree. Managing teams up to 8, and sometimes several teams
on several projects, over several decades, I've never asked either
contractor or permanent employee which editor he used. I did run CVS
myself, so I knew what we had in the can, and auto-converted CRLF line
endings if there were guys editing on M$, to stop the diffs exploding
spuriously. Everyone was happy.

> >So asking of others suffering with AS6, what SVN client do you use?
> >Am thinking I should advance from TortoiseSVN running outside of the
> >dreaded VS10 shell to something integrated. Perhaps something that
> >knows more about what needs to be saved and what doesn't. Something
> >that knows the files are in a savable state so I don't have to exit
> >AS6 to make sure everything is properly flushed to disk.
> >
> You should be highly sceptical about using integrated SVN clients in
> other programs.  It is important that you don't mix major version
> numbers of the svn clients on a machine - you'll end up corrupting
> your local svn metadata, or at least getting error messages about
> version compatibility.  So install TortoiseSVN gui client /and/
> command line tools, and stick to integrated svn clients that work
> using external command-line tools.  (This is for brain-dead windows,
> of course - on Linux or BSD you install the subversion client
> libraries once, and all programs use that automatically.)

Having observed other projects repeatedly have trouble with M$-based
version control applications, I've only allowed versioning on unix.
Things have doubtless improved more recently.

> You should not have to exit AS6 to make it save files (or else it is
> worse than I thought).  As to which files to store in the svn
> repository, that is up to you.  I store the source files (obviously),
> Makefiles, and often the final .hex file (since it makes it
> convenient for testing or programming from different machines).

Yes, and the specifications, in plaintext preferably. I've rarely had
them remain static for the life of a project. That makes it easier to
prove "Specification Redefinition" as cause of a reported defect, for
use in the bug database, as it comes into use prior to alpha testing.


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