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Re: [avr-gcc-list] AVR Studio 4.19 does not work with AVR Toolchain 3.4.

From: David Brown
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] AVR Studio 4.19 does not work with AVR Toolchain 3.4.0 (informative)
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2012 20:51:15 +0200
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On 09/08/12 18:35, Vidya Praveen wrote:

Since the thread has grown anyway, I'm taking the liberty to reply to this

On 8/8/2012 11:11 PM, Graham Davies wrote:
This is an informative post, I'm pretty certain of my results and I don't
really have a question.

AVR Studio 4.19 does not work with AVR Toolchain 3.4.0. It crashes at Start
Debugging. Everything is fine with Toolchain 3.3.1.

In general, nothing has changed in Atmel AVR Toolchain 3.4.0 that might cause an
incompatibility with AVR Studio 4.19. But it will be interesting to see what
is causing this failure. You could try to get in touch with Atmel support.

One thing that springs to mind is debugging flags. Newer versions of gcc support newer versions of Dwarf debugging information, which might confuse earlier versions of the debugger. It might help to specify exactly which debugging information format you want via the appropriate command-line switches.



(Though I am not sure if they have stopped providing support for AVR Studio 


This probably means that Atmel are dropping support for AVR Studio 4.x in
the toolchain to force people to move to Atmel Studio 6. I have used Studio
6 and hate it, so this is not good news for me. Studio 6 is typical
Microsoft bloatware and slows everything to a crawl. I filled out an on-line
survey from Atmel about this and I'd be really interested in the overall
result, but, of course, it us unlikely to be published.

Graham Davies
ECROS Technology

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