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[avr-libc-commit] [2173] Add a "known to fail" list of tests, for refere

From: Joerg Wunsch
Subject: [avr-libc-commit] [2173] Add a "known to fail" list of tests, for reference.
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 19:35:15 +0000

Revision: 2173
Author:   joerg_wunsch
Date:     2010-06-16 19:35:14 +0000 (Wed, 16 Jun 2010)
Log Message:
Add a "known to fail" list of tests, for reference.

Added Paths:

Added: trunk/avr-libc/tests/simulate/known-to-fail.txt
--- trunk/avr-libc/tests/simulate/known-to-fail.txt                             
(rev 0)
+++ trunk/avr-libc/tests/simulate/known-to-fail.txt     2010-06-16 19:35:14 UTC 
(rev 2173)
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+The following tests are currently known to fail.  After changing
+source code of the library, no further failures must arise, or in
+case it is clear the modification causes a different internal
+behaviour (without changing the API) that is then going to be
+checked by one or more testscripts, the testscripts must be
+modified as well.  (An example of the latter was the modification
+to malloc/free to reduce the heap when the topmost chunk had been
+freed.  Several testscripts assumed the final freelist would
+consist of a single large entry which is no longer the case now.)
+Simulate: math/isinf-01.c atmega128 ... *** simulate failed: 22
+Simulate: math/isinf-01.c at90s8515 ... *** simulate failed: 22
+Simulate: math/modf-np.c atmega128 ... *** simulate failed: 47
+Simulate: math/modf-np.c at90s8515 ... *** simulate failed: 47
+Simulate: math/signbit-01.c atmega128 ... *** simulate failed: 2
+Simulate: math/signbit-01.c at90s8515 ... *** simulate failed: 2

Property changes on: trunk/avr-libc/tests/simulate/known-to-fail.txt
Added: svn:mime-type
   + text/plain
Added: svn:keywords
   + Author Id Date
Added: svn:eol-style
   + native

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