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[bug #49567] Use meta-info from --print-multi-lib and --print-multi-dire

From: Georg-Johann Lay
Subject: [bug #49567] Use meta-info from --print-multi-lib and --print-multi-directory
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2019 09:02:46 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #49567 (project avr-libc):

Attached a first draft version.

The $(srcdir)/avr tree is now generated by a new Python script mlib-gen.py
which should work with Python v2.7 and v3.  Which parts of that tree will we
used (and how) is determined by configure using -print-multi-lib and

mlib-gen.py generates 4 files from the device-info still held in
gen-avr-lib-tree.sh which are included by configure.ac.

There is still some build-in knowledge about avr-gcc multilib layout, for
example about orthogonality of -mdouble=64 etc and which devices are

        * configure.ac (asm_only): New var.
        (CHECK_AVR_DEVICE): Rewrite.
        (CHECK_MULTI_OPTION) <-mdouble=32, -mlong-double=32>: New tests.
        (CHECK_MULTI_OPTION) <-mdouble=64, -mlong-double=64>: New tests.
        (devices.m4, devlist.m4, multilib.m4, files.m4): New m4_include's.
        (CHECK_AVR_DEVICE(<mcu>)): Remove all of them.
        (AM_CONDITIONAL(HAS_<mcu>)): Same.
        (AC_CONFIG_FILES) <avr/Makefile, avr/lib/Makefile>: Remove.
        (AC_CONFIG_FILES) <avr/lib/*/Makefile>: Remove all of them.
        * Avr.am: Remove file.
        * Lib.am: Remove file.
        * mlib-gen.py: New Python script.
        * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Adjust to added / removed files.
        * gen-avr-lib-tree.sh: Let mlib-gen.py build $(srcdir)/avr.
        Clean up code.
        (CFLAGS_TINY_STACK): Remove.
        (CFLAGS_SHORT_CALLS): Remove.
        (AVR12_DEV_INFO): Assimilate AVR12TS_DEV_INFO.
        (AVR25_DEV_INFO): Assimilate AVR25TS_DEV_INFO.
        (AVRXMEGA3SC_DEV_INFO): Remove.
        (AVR_ARH_INFO): Remove assimilated entries.
        * Device.am (AVR_INSTALL_DIR): Set to $(MULTIDIR_<<dev>>).
        (if HAS_<<dev>>): Remove.
        * Architecture.am (SUBDIRS): Remove.
        (AVRLIB_DEVLIST) [!HAS_DEV_LIB]: Init from $(DEVLIST_<<ident>>).
        (AVRLIB_CFLAGS, AVRLIB_ASFLAGS) <-mmcu=$(AVR_TARGET)>: Remove option.
        (avrD32) [HAS_double32]: New secondary.
        (avrD64) [HAS_double64]: New secondary.
        (avrL32) [HAS_long_double32]: New secondary.
        (avrL64) [HAS_long_double64]: New secondary.
        (avrD64) [HAS_double64]: New secondary.
        (if HAS_<<arh>>): Remove.


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