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Re: can't reproduce documented overflow behavior of _delay_ms()

From: Georg-Johann Lay
Subject: Re: can't reproduce documented overflow behavior of _delay_ms()
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2020 13:45:20 +0100
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Am 04.02.20 um 23:05 schrieb Joerg Wunsch:
As Georg-Johann Lay wrote:

hmmm.  So there is more work to do for double support?  We definitely do not
want double here but float instead...

I disagree.

This is all just happening in temporary variables inside of "static
inline" functions, and thus completely optimized away by the compiler.
Thus, the actual argument type doesn't really matter.

As yes, of course.

With optimizations turned off, all bets for the various _delay*
functions are gone anyway.


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