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[avrdude-dev] Build Questions

From: JLDSystems
Subject: [avrdude-dev] Build Questions
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 18:25:29 EDT

Hello Everyone,

I am working on the Windows version of Avrdude with Eric for WinAVR. I have 
downloaded and installed the complete Cygwin setup, downloaded the latest 
Avrdude files and a build file from Eric. I should forewarn all you that I'm 
comfortable with a commandline interface but I don't know Unix.

Below is the output I receive in the Cygwin window in response to my 

address@hidden ~
$ cd avrdude

address@hidden ~/avrdude
$ . build.sh
++ export ACLOCAL=aclocal
++ ACLOCAL=aclocal
++ export AUTOHEADER=autoheader
++ AUTOHEADER=autoheader
++ export AUTOCONF=autoconf
++ AUTOCONF=autoconf
++ export AUTOMAKE=automake
++ AUTOMAKE=automake
++ PREFIX=/avrdude/test
++ ./bootstrap
+ aclocal
+ autoheader

I then have a winpop that says "Program has performed and illegal operation." 
 The title on the window is PERL. I know previous to this error perl executes 

I would like to troubleshoot this but I am kind of at a loss as to where to 
start. Can someone tell me what +autoheader is? I am assuming it is similar to 
a batch file because the window title bar shows a bunch of different programs 
executing. Or is their a different tack I should take to try and resolve this 

Let me know if there is additional information I can collect. Sorry if I am 
to far off topic.

Have a GREAT day!

Jeff Dombach

Your source for Data Collection and Embedded Systems Solutions.
www.JLDSystems.com                      717/892-1100
2818 Marietta Avenue                        888/553-7978
Lancaster PA 17601                  Fax: 717/898-9726

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