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RE: [avrdude-dev] optional hash mark progress indicator

From: Alex Shepherd
Subject: RE: [avrdude-dev] optional hash mark progress indicator
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 18:52:23 +1200

> Look in the main() routine, you'll see the global variable 'verbose'
> initialized to 0 (off).  Later, in the AVR write functions, the
> progress code is only enabled if verbose > 0.  The -v option
> increments the verbosity level by 1 each time it is specified.

Yeah that is what I thought, but the version that comes with WinAvr seems to
print the numeric progress without the -v option.

Also I note that with the mods I have made there are 3 distinct sets of hash
# marks printed. The first one has only 2 #'s and is probably to do with
reading the EEPROM to increment the erase count. The other two are
associated with writing and verifying FLASH, which is normal.

So I suspect there is some smoke and mirrors going on to suppress the
numeric progress updates during the EEPROM erase counter update which has
the side effect of turning verbose back on in time for the write/verify
stages. I will have to dig deeper into the code to verify this unless this
prompts anyone else's memories.

> Used to be that the progress was always printed.  I believe that it
> was found that this slowed down the Windows version significantly due
> to its slow console printing routine.  Thus, to help Windows folks,
> the progress was only enabled if verbose output was selected.

Are you saying that it is it is updated every 16 bytes now but used to be
every byte? We could increase the numeric updating from every 16 bytes to
say 128 or 256 bytes if that is a still considered a problem.



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