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RE: [patch #7275] Support for parallel port programmers on windows 7 64

From: greuelm
Subject: RE: [patch #7275] Support for parallel port programmers on windows 7 64 bit and other versions of 64 bit windows
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 23:23:54 +0100

> As long as it's working, I wouldn't really want to drop it. We abstracted
> "logical" layer from the physical one long time ago, and thus the logical
layer is
> being re-used above other physical layers as well.

What I meant to say was in the context of this patch, i.e. Windows specific.
I would not remove parallel port support altogether, but I suggest to
disable it for Windows (both x86 and x64), and remove the windows folder. As
I said, my biggest gripe is with giveio.sys. IMHO, applying this patch would
be a step into the wrong direction.

> Only on Windows, you need hacks like Zadig in order to assign a device
explicitly to libusb or other drivers.

Actually, I wanted to bring the whole thing around libusb support on Windows
up for discussion. Perhaps we will find some common ground here. I will
start a separate thread on this some other time.

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