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Re: Introducing SerialUPDI programmer

From: Andy Bennett
Subject: Re: Introducing SerialUPDI programmer
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2021 16:10:22 +0000
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First of all, thank you for accepting me to the mailing list. The reason I wanted to join was that I have just started working on an enhancement to AVRDUDE to support simple serial-based interface for programming newest AVR families that use UPDI protocol. I’m simply curious - would you guys be interested in accepting this work, when finished, to the main AVRDUDE codebase?

I would certainly have loved to have been able to use this back in February when I was trying to program the new 0- and 1-series AVRs.

I have a JTAG3ICE but I'd never updated the firmware so it didn't support UPDI. In the end I had to find a Windows machine (someone else's) and install the Microchip tools to update the firmware and then I could use it with avrdude in UPDI mode.

...but it was a pain and I would definitely have used my FTDI dongle in the meantime.

I didn't want to use the Python tool because all my Makefiles and workflow are built around avrdude and I thought it was a shame that Microchip had not contributed it themselves.

I also need a good way for my downstream users to program my boards. At the moment they have to make their own from an Arduino or use the Python tool, neither of which are very convenient or easy for them.

So yes, definitely a positive vote from me for this!

Best wishes,


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