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AW: Improving Windows support for AVRDUDE

From: greuelm
Subject: AW: Improving Windows support for AVRDUDE
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2021 18:50:21 +0100

> I'd be more than happy to have a Windows guy in the boat, hopefully
> someone who can roll native Windows binary releases as well.
> So far, I've always been rolling them using a MinGW32 cross-compilation on
> FreeBSD development system, but that isn't something running very
> anyway. So well, if you want to actively support AVRDUDE development on
> Windows front, be welcome!

Thank you for kind reply. I'd be happy to help out with the Windows builds.
Currently, my Windows builds use MSVC, which is obviously the first choice
on Windows, but it required a lot of hacks to get it working. My plan was
initially to use clang with the MinGW libraries, however, I could not make
it work in a couple of hours. The cross compiler builds with MinGW under
Ubuntu/WSL are the simplest, however, I try to avoid MinGW due to the lack
of PDB symbols, which is really a no-go for me on Windows.

Some of the patches I made for Visual Studio look identical to what Wes Witt
made. I wonder how he fixed the pthread (and other Posix) dependencies.
Could you give me access to his patches?


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