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[bug #61624] [Feature request] Serial/UART UPDI programmers

From: Dawid Buchwald
Subject: [bug #61624] [Feature request] Serial/UART UPDI programmers
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2021 14:10:39 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #20, bug #61624 (project avrdude):

Hello again! I'm really happy to hear that it works fine with other chips as
well. At this point I will focus on some code refactoring and cleanup, because
some of the code written today was just a quick and dirty implementation.

For the other things to do:
 1. I need to figure out the whole lockbits business (I have no idea how it
works, and it's not supported at the moment),
 2. I need to improve error handling (especially when AVRDUDE crashes in the
middle of NVM session, like with the segfault thing),
 3. Reconsider the whole fuses idea, and see if that even can be changed,
 4. There are other memory types like "prod_sig", and there is something about
"user row" which I don't support at all yet,
 5. Last but not least, look into DTR/RTS issue.

So yeah, plenty to do, but I'm glad the basic use cases (burning flash,
setting fuses, writing to EEPROM) are working as expected for at least two
family types (NVM 0 and NVM 2).

Whenever I reach any significant milestone I will post updates here with
possible request for some testing. I have some other chips (atmega4809 and
atmega4808) already in transit, so should be able to do way more testing

What attiny0 chips are you using?


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