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New member and how to cross-compile AVRDUDE

From: kristof . mulier
Subject: New member and how to cross-compile AVRDUDE
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2021 14:40:51 +0100 (CET)

Hi all, 

Short intro 
My name is Kristof Mulier. After submitting my first pull request on AVRDUDE 
(see [ https://github.com/avrdudes/avrdude/pull/780 | 
https://github.com/avrdudes/avrdude/pull/780 ] ) I decided to join the 
developers mailing list. I'm part of a small startup Embeetle IDE ( [ 
https://embeetle.com/ | https://embeetle.com ] ). We create a new, free IDE for 
microcontrollers and of course, we use AVRDUDE as a flash tool for AVR 
microcontrollers. So in the name of my company - a sincere thank you for 
creating this tool! 

How to cross-compile AVRDUDE? 
I work on Ubuntu 21.10. To build AVRDUDE there, I did the following: 

# Install packages: 
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential git automake libtool flex bison 
libelf-dev libusb-dev libftdi1-dev libhidapi-dev 
$ sudo apt-get install texlive texi2html 

# Clone the repo: 
$ cd ~ 
$ git clone https://github.com/avrdudes/avrdude 

# Go into the AVRDUDE src folder and run the bootstrap file 
$ cd ~/avrdude/src 
$ ./bootstrap 

# Run the configure file that was created in previous step 
$ ./configure 

# Build AVRDUDE (also from src folder) 
$ make 

After these steps, I end up with an avrdude executable at ~/avrdude/src/avrdude 
and a system config file at ~/avrdude/src/avrdude.conf . It looks like only 
these two files need to be in a distributed version for Linux. All AVRDUDE 
distributions on Linux I have seen so far, look somewhat like this: 


📁 avrdude_6.3.0 
├─ 📁 bin 
│ └─ avrdude 
└─ 📁 etc 
└─ avrdude.conf 


Now I wonder how to cross-compile AVRDUDE for Windows. Is there a way to do 
this from Linux? What about all the dll's that go into a typical AVRDUDE 
installation on Windows? 

Kind regards, 
Kristof Mulier 

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