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Re: FTDI plus Atmel AVR programming

From: Didrik Madheden
Subject: Re: FTDI plus Atmel AVR programming
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2023 21:12:27 +0100

Yes, this is supported, but you need to add a programmer definition to
tell avrdude which pin is used for what. You should be able to use
this programmer in two different modes, but each mode has advantages
and disadvantages. Serbb, which is very slow. Or ft245r/ftdi_syncbb
mode, which is using hardware support in FTDI for bitbanging. There's
a sample configuration for avrdude at the bottom of the page you
linked. You can try adding that to the avrdude.conf and try it. In
fact, it looks like SinaProg is a frontend for avrdude, so you can
even try using the version of avrdude that comes included in the data

Add this to avrdude.conf

id = "APU_2";
desc = "FT232R Synchronous BitBang";
type = ft245r;
miso = 4;
sck = 2;
mosi = 6;
reset = 5;
gates = 3;

Then try
avrdude -d APU_2 -p (your avr chip part number)


On Tue, 10 Jan 2023 at 20:46, Alexander <aralni@mail.ru> wrote:
> Hi,
> I make programmer by using this schema: 
> http://kmpu.ru/other/ft232rl_usb-programmator-avr/_img/fig2.gif
> From article http://kmpu.ru/other/ft232rl_usb-programmator-avr/index.html
> As I can use avrdude with this device ? Config, parametrs...
> Or currently avrdude not support this device ? May be add support to it ?
> Thank You,
> Alexander.

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