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[Axiom-developer] ccl.tgz

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] ccl.tgz
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 19:44:29 -0500


These were the original files I used for downloading, I believe.
Google must have found them from somewhere. They are massively changed
into literate format in the current system though the pamphlet files
contain little more than source code at the moment.  The makefiles are
wildly different and are documented.  I haven't concentrated on
documenting any of the internals yet except where I need to make
changes. That step will occur when I have cycles to spare.

The REDUCE lisp interpreter was (and portions still are) proprietary.
Arthur Norman has released portions of the code necessary to build Axiom 
under the BSD style license used by NAG.

re: getting ready for CCL

I've created a CVS directory on the real website (it is only
the license directory and it contains the text of the licenses
I've found in the source code consolidated into single files).
See if you can check out the axiom subtree. It should contain
the following structure:


Please make note of all of the steps required to get these files,
including what pages you had to visit and what permissions you needed
(I believe you'll have to generate an ssh key). I'll use your steps
document as instructions for new developers so try to be as detailed
as possible. Once you can reach these files I'll start CVS adding the
tree I have now. That will allow us to see if you can build the lisps.
It all builds cleanly here but I have a monoculture of Linux systems.


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