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Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom Development

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom Development
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 06:34:08 -0500

> Daly,
> I have been working with Axiom for many years, first with a version for
> IBM risc6000, (this plattform is not running any more), and now with a
> Linux version that I got from Nag some time ago.
> I am desesperately trying to run my former programs: I enclosed somes
> files with a very simple Domain definition, with one single function;
> you can see the result of the compilation wich is fine, and the result of
> the running wich is interrupted because it does not find the Integers!!!
> I do not know if you are the appropriate person able to tell me what is
> wrong; may be there is some open forum for questions: could you forward
> this if it is the case?
> thanks anyway
> philippe


I'll look at this after work tonight. I'm the "appropriate" person as
I'm the only person. We'll eventually have a task list and a bug list
running (actually, they exist but so far they all come to me anyway
so sending me the files directly is quicker). We have to figure out
who is responsible for what parts of the system which will take time.

I have set up an AOL Instant Messenger client (my screen name is
gnuaxiom). That way everyone who has subscribed to the developer
mailing list will be able to communicate in real time rather than
thru email. 

I'm working to set developers up with write access to CVS on tenkan,
my private CVS server. That way we can make mistakes and work out
details of communicating and working together. The root admin guy
is at a conference until wednesday of this week but I should be ready
shortly after that.

I posted a single directory with a few files in it on the real CVS.
See if you can do a CVS checkout of the tree. You will need to 
create an ssh key (with the -t rsa1 option). You won't yet have
write access to the source but you can read it.


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