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[Axiom-developer] new Makefile.pamphlet problems

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] new Makefile.pamphlet problems
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 6:20:19 -0500


I downloaded a new version of the source yesterday. I have
noticed that with the new organization of the makefile
with the platform specific files, the old methode of
restarting the make with

  make clean

no longer works the way it did. I did not see this
documented in the noweave output.

I am planning to create a platform specific makefile for
cygwin following the example in your makefile.pamphlet but
I find the documentation still a little thin about how this
is supposed to work.

Here are a few more quick notes;

1) The use of the 'strip' command causes trouble in the
make for noweb. There is a note to the effect that it is
necessary to comment out this line of the makefile in the
case of HPUX. It seems to apply to cygwin as well. The
problem is that cygwin executable files end with the
extension .exe but strip just takes the name given to it
and in true unix style this has no extension.

2) cygwin cannot handle a copy to /dev/null. It complains
that it cannot create this file. This causes another
problem during the make of noweb. See the ELISP variable
in the makefile. But a cat > /dev/null does seem to work
as expected.

Bill Page.

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