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[Axiom-developer] Windows front end

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Windows front end
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 18:23:01 -0500

> Bill Page wrote:
> ...(snip)...
> Well we have been discussing TeXmacs as a graphical
> interface, right? TeXmacs does not currently run in
> native windows but a version is planned. A user interested
> in a graphical tex front-end to Axiom running on a PC could
> still install Cygwin and run TeXmacs to interface with
> Axiom running in windows native mode.
> Currently, as I understand it, TeXmacs has not "off-the-
> shelf" facility to display graphical output from tools
> such as GNUplot, etc. But I have seen this discussed
> on the TeXmacs developer list.
> > Magnus has a tcl/tk front end. I believe that tcl/tk
> > software will run on windows. Do you know if this is
> > true?
> Yes. But these tools are a little "dated". If changes
> are needed to Axiom then we might consider other
> alternatives. I can check around and let you know what
> I find.
> If our goal is just to support the existing Axiom graphics
> capabilities in a platform independent way, then perhaps
> simply re-coding that part of Axiom to interface with an
> open source graphics package is all that would be needed.
> > Perhaps we can steal the front-end as it is a stand-alone
> > piece of software.
> What are your current thoughts about TeXmacs? Personally
> I still think it is a good match for Axiom and I would be
> prepared to devote some effort to helping to extended
> TeXmacs capabilities where these would better meet the
> requirements of Axiom.
> I think it would be good to avoid having to develop an
> Axiom specific front-end (even if it is "borrowed" from
> some other open source package), if at all possible.

TeXmacs is fine as a front-end. I'm all in favor of it.
However, it doesn't run on Windows at the moment and we're 
gonna take flak from the users who are conditioned to the
TeXexplorer front-end. Helping TeXmacs run on Windows and
work with Axiom is certainly a worthwhile goal.

I'm a command-line oriented person and won't use a GUI even
if it exists nor do I run Windows so I defer to your decisions
in this area. Choose a direction, give it a try and follow your
whims. I'll do what I can to help.


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