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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: Axiom

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: Axiom
Date: 27 Nov 2002 20:41:12 -0500

Greetings!  I just saw this go by, and gave it a try myself.
obj/linux/bin/bootsys appeared to be created successfully.  This also
appeared to be the final result of the build.

Does this accurately reflect the current status?

Take care,

root <address@hidden> writes:

> I've sent a request to have an account created for you.
> You'll hear back about it as soon as the sysadmin does it.
> Anonymous access uses the username "anonymous", with an empty
> password.  "anonymous" only has read access.  So, you can tell your
> users to:
> cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden:/home/cvs login
> (empty password)
> cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden:/home/cvs co axiom
> cd axiom/new/new
> make
> Let me know what fails.
> Tim
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Camm Maguire                                            address@hidden
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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