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[Axiom-developer] won't parse error

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] won't parse error
Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 06:44:10 -0400

Thanks. I'll look deeper at the problem later today.



Hi Tim,

root <address@hidden> writes:

> The GCL 2.5.2 build gets a lot of "Won't Parse" messages that
> don't occur under GCL 2.4. This must be a common lisp problem.

Those messages are coming from BOOT code, possibly from to places:

 1. ./new/new/src/interp/br-con.boot.pamphlet:700:      sayBrightlyNT '"Won't 
parse: "

mkConform(kind,name,argString) ==
  kind ^= '"default package" =>
    form := STRCONC(name,argString)
    parse := parseNoMacroFromString form
    null parse =>
      sayBrightlyNT '"Won't parse: "
      pp form
      systemError '"Keywords in argument list?"
    ATOM parse => [parse]
  [INTERN name,:rest ncParseFromString STRCONC(char 'd,argString)]  --& case

 2. ./new/new/src/interp/br-data.boot.pamphlet:126:    sayBrightly ['"Won't 
parse: ",sigpart]

libConstructorSig [conname,:argl] ==
  [[.,:sig],:.] := GETDATABASE(conname,'CONSTRUCTORMODEMAP)
  formals := TAKE(#argl,$FormalMapVariableList)
  sig := SUBLISLIS(formals,$TriangleVariableList,sig)
  keys := [g(f,sig,i) for f in formals for i in 1..] where
    g(x,u,i) ==  --does x appear in any but i-th element of u?
      or/[CONTAINED(x,y) for y in u for j in 1.. | j ^= i]
  sig := fn SUBLISLIS(argl,$FormalMapVariableList,sig) where
    fn x ==
      atom x => x
      x is ['Join,a,:r] => ['Join,fn a,'etc]
      x is ['CATEGORY,:.] => 'etc
      [fn y for y in x]
  sig := [first sig,:[(k => [":",a,s]; s)
            for a in argl for s in rest sig for k in keys]]
  sigpart:= form2LispString ['Mapping,:sig]
  if null ncParseFromString sigpart then
    sayBrightly ['"Won't parse: ",sigpart]

I can't say if those errors are related to the build environment or
anything related to Axiom. What is your opinion Tim?

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