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[Axiom-developer] Re: AXIOM server number is undefined

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: AXIOM server number is undefined
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 07:07:30 -0400

re: bug 20030619000:

> First, notice that the first two lines of output
> beginning

>   Using local database ...

> are run together into a single line (missing \n?)
> The total line length (151 chars) exceeded the
> internal line buffer maximum (128) specified in
> tm_axiom. That was easy to fix. But maybe you
> should make a note to fix it also in axiom.

Yes, I've chased this one. Curiously the messages are all
written out by the same code. 3 of the 4 messages work.
The offending message must take another code path but I 
haven't found it yet.

The "using local database" messages are due to the fact
that I've moved where the databases are loaded from.
By default they used to be loaded from the mnt/algebra
subdirectory (since there was no other). Nag changed it
so they were loaded from a "share" subdirectory. I'm in
the process of changing it back. This should work:

(assuming that code lives in /tmp)

mkdir /tmp/axiom/share
mkdir /tmp/axiom/share/algebra
cp /tmp/axiom/mnt/linux/algebra/*.daase /mnt/axiom/share/algebra
export AXIOM=/tmp/axiom/mnt/linux
export PATH=/tmp/axiom/mnt/linux/bin:$PATH

In order to change where Axiom finds various database files on 
startup you can set a shell variable called DAASE (a contraction
of database). If you look at the shipped 'axiom' command which
lives in /tmp/axiom/mnt/linux/bin/axiom you'll see that I set
that variable in the shell script to the new load location. The
above commands move the databases back to the default location.
Axiom will only generate the loading messages when you've moved
the default location. 

The above commands call interpsys rather than axiom so you are
invoking the interpreter without using the axiom shell script.
You could change the axiom shell script to elide the DAASE
variable (once you've copied the daase files) and still use
the axiom command.

This will be fixed as soon as I hardcode the new default.

Tim Daly

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