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[Axiom-developer] use XDR with GCL on Windows,, NAG li

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] use XDR with GCL on Windows,, NAG libraries
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 23:02:31 -0400

Bill, Mike,

Clearly I'm jumping into the middle of this conversation but here's
a thought or two. 

First, Mike, the site will allow you to login using an
anonymous account so you can download the CVS code if you like.

cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden:/home/cvs login

and give it a null password and you should be able to download axiom:

cvs -z3 -co axiom

Second, Bill, we ought to have some discussion of a way to incorporate
the windows version into the system. If you can summarize the changes
I can write a chunk in the Makefile.pamphlet that should build the
system from scratch for windows. If done properly then all Mike or
any other windows user should have to do is:

export AXIOM=(path)/mnt/windows

and it should build a working windows version. Or maybe

export AXIOM=(path)/mnt/mingw

if we want to have several different windows build environments.  All
this amounts to will be a different chunk based on the basename of the
specified path.  Clearly I'm going to need your help on this. Perhaps
if you send me your makefile and some words about the needed changes
we can make this automatic. If you look at the top level Makefile.pamphlet
and search for \subsection{Makefile.linux} you'll see the chunk used
for AXIOM=(path)/mnt/linux. This section is extracted into a file called
Makefile.linux (search for \subsection{The Top Level Makefile}). The
user process is:

document Makefile   extracts the Makefile from Makefile.pamphlet
make                uses ${SYS} in the line: notangle -RMakefile.${SYS}
                    to create Makefile.linux and invoke make on it.

If you change the ${SYS} variable to "windows" the make step
above will try to find the chunk <<>>= and extract
it to create, then call make on it. 

So if you 
(1) copy the <<Makefile.linux>>= chunk, rename it to <<>>=,
(2) put all of your Makefile dependent variables and stanzas there, 
(4) change ${SYS} to be SYS=windows
(5) document Makefile
(6) make
you'll have a windows-specific that gets executed.

XDR is a data exchange format used to communicate between Axiom's
lisp code and NAG's fortran library. The NAG library used to be
an integral part of Axiom but needs to be either (a) tested by
somebody that actually has a NAG fortran library (which I don't)
or (b) redone using something like Octave (pain, pain, pain) or
(c) thrown out (significant functionality loss, not recommended).

GCL 2.5.3 is out? Cheese, ya can't blink for a second without
something changing :-) I'll look at the build issues on 2.5.3
soon. I believe I've solved the package issue so the patches
should go away.

I'm giving two talks (Axiom, Literate Programming) at a conference 
in early July so I'm kinda heads-down writing the slides and papers.
Needless to say, this is gonna cause a bit of lag in my responses.

Tim Daly

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