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[Axiom-developer] Patch for build steps and FAQ

From: David MENTRE
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Patch for build steps and FAQ
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 16:26:37 +0200
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Hi Tim,

Another patch for the Build steps and the FAQ:

 * for build steps, say to set AXIOM variable
 * delete item number in faq item titles, the subsection number takes
   care of that
 * added two new items (things I had to do to make Axiom build)
 * I have given the debian counterpart for needed software

Best regards,

--- axiom-cvs-2003-06-25/new/new/Makefile.pamphlet      Sat Jul 12 18:43:08 2003
+++ axiom-cvs-2003-06-25-dm/new/new/Makefile.pamphlet   Wed Jul 16 16:24:34 2003
@@ -439,13 +439,14 @@
 \section{Steps in the build process}
 The sequence of steps necessary to build a clean Axiom is simply:
+  export AXIOM=(path-to-your-axiom-directory)/mnt/linux
 If this fails check the next section for possible problems and their
 \section{FAQ: Things that can go wrong}
-\subsection{(1) The SPAD variable is hard coded}
+\subsection{The SPAD variable is hard coded}
 You can put the source code anywhere. The default SPAD variable
 can be changed on the initial {\bf make} command line thus:
@@ -455,19 +456,19 @@
 which will override the default value.
-\subsection{(2) Xlib.h is not found}
+\subsection{Xlib.h is not found}
 You need to have Xlib.h to build the graphics. If you are building
 on a RedHat 8 system you need to install the following RPM:
   rpm -i XFree86-devel-4.2.0-72.i386.rpm
 A copy of this rpm (for RedHat 8) can be found in the zips directory.
 Note that if you have a different version of Linux you may need a
 different file.
-\subsection{(3) noweb.sty is not found}
+On Debian GNU/Linux, the package 'xlibs-dev' is needed.
+\subsection{noweb.sty is not found}
 The build of noweb creates 3 files in the mnt/\${SYS}/bin
 directory: notangle, noweave, and tex/noweb.sty. The build
 of the src/scripts directory copies the document command
@@ -479,7 +480,7 @@
    make start
-\subsection{(4) make hangs}
+\subsection{make hangs}
 A pamphlet file was modified and has a syntax error.
 The {\bf document} command has its output redirected
 to a file in the obj/\$\{SYS\}/tmp directory called trace.
@@ -492,7 +493,7 @@
 which will override the redirection and allow the latex
 output to go to the console.
-\subsection{(5) noweb needs to be rebuilt}
+\subsection{noweb needs to be rebuilt}
 The first time noweb is built a dummy file called {\bf noweb}
 is written into the top level directory. If this file is
 removed noweb will be rebuilt. The following sequence should work:
@@ -501,7 +502,7 @@
   make noweb
-\subsection{6) lisp needs to be rebuilt}
+\subsection{lisp needs to be rebuilt}
 The first time lisp is built a dummy file called {\bf gcldir}
 is written into the top level directory. If this file is
 removed lisp will be rebuilt. The following sequence should work:
@@ -510,7 +511,7 @@
-\subsection{(7) The interpreter is badly broken}
+\subsection{The interpreter is badly broken}
 If you look in src/interp/Makefile.pamphlet you'll see a
 stanza that is marked debugsys. You can add {\bf \$\{DEBUGSYS\}} to the
 {\bf all} stanza, make the system and run debugsys. This is a copy
@@ -522,7 +523,7 @@
 can play the game at this level send axiom-developer a note and we'll
 inscribe your name on a log and throw it on the fire.)
-\subsection{(8) The wrong version of GCL was used}
+\subsection{The wrong version of GCL was used}
 If you are building a version of Axiom on GCL there are two tested
 versions. The first is GCL-2.4.1 which is an version 1 Common Lisp.
 GCL-2.5 is a version 2 Common Lisp. There is a shell variable 
@@ -530,6 +531,25 @@
 Be sure it is set to either gcl-2.4.1, gcl-2.5 or gcl-2.5.2
 as these are the only known-good versions of gcl for Axiom.
+\subsection{The \texttt{-j} option of make does not work}
+Looking through makefiles, you'll notice that some dependencies between
+different parts of the system (for example, between layers in algebra)
+are not reflected by dependencies in Makefile. This implies that the
+\texttt{-j} option of make will not work and should not be used when
+building Axiom. This behavior is intended: once the algebra is built,
+nearly everything can be rebuilt independently of layers or
+dependencies. We could consider allowing \texttt{-j} use in the future,
+but this is not considered at the moment.
+\subsection{GCL does not build on my system: libbfd.a and bfd.h are
+  missing} 
+We are using option \texttt{--enable-statsysbfd} when building GCL (see
+lsp/Makefile) so libbfd.a and bfd.h files are necessary on your system.
+On Debian GNU/Linux, the needed package is 'binutils-dev'.
 \section{General Makefile Structure}
 Makefiles are responsible for four things. First, they have to set up


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