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[Axiom-developer] Re: [Gcl-devel] macro table msg

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: [Gcl-devel] macro table msg
Date: 20 Jul 2003 14:31:56 -0400
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root <address@hidden> writes:

> Several uncommitted changes but nothing that should cause the effect
> you are seeing. I'm not even sure what the message means. Is it being
> issued by the common lisp? I am using gcl-2.5.2 for the build. Which

Yes, from /fix/s/camm/axiom/axiom1/new/new:

;buildHtMacroTable() ==
;  $htMacroTable := MAKE_-HASHTABLE 'UEQUAL
;  fn := CONCAT(getEnv '"AXIOM", '"/../../share/doc/hypertex/pages/")
;  if PROBE_-FILE(fn) then
;    instream := MAKE_-INSTREAM fn
;    while not EOFP instream repeat
;      line := READLINE instream
;      getHtMacroItem line is [string,:numOfArgs] =>
;        HPUT($htMacroTable,string,numOfArgs)
;    for [s,:n] in $primitiveHtCommands repeat HPUT($htMacroTable,s,n)
;  else
;    sayBrightly '"Warning: macro table not found"
;  $htMacroTable

(DEFUN |buildHtMacroTable| NIL (PROG (|fn| |instream| |line| |ISTMP#1| |string| 
|numOfArgs| |s| |n|) (RETURN (SEQ (PROGN (SPADLET |$htMacroTable| 
"AXIOM")) (MAKESTRING "/../../share/doc/hypertex/pages/"))) (COND 
((PROBE-FILE |fn|) (SPADLET |instream| (MAKE-INSTREAM |fn|)) (DO NIL ((NULL 
|instream|)) (COND ((PROGN (SPADLET |ISTMP#1| (|getHtMacroItem| |line|)) (AND 
|numOfArgs| (QCDR |ISTMP#1|)) (QUOTE T)))) (HPUT |$htMacroTable| |string| 
|numOfArgs|))))))) (DO ((#0=#:G3615 |$primitiveHtCommands| (CDR #0#)) 
(#1=#:G3592 NIL)) ((OR (ATOM #0#) (PROGN (SETQ #1# (CAR #0#)) NIL) (PROGN 
(PROGN (SPADLET |s| (CAR #1#)) (SPADLET |n| (CDR #1#)) #1#) NIL)) NIL) (SEQ 
(EXIT (HPUT |$htMacroTable| |s| |n|))))) ((QUOTE T) (|sayBrightly| (MAKESTRING 
"Warning: macro table not found")))) |$htMacroTable|))))) 

> version are you build upon?


Take care,

> Tim
> address@hidden
> address@hidden
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Camm Maguire                                            address@hidden
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