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[Axiom-developer] GCL used commercially?

From: Richard Fateman
Subject: [Axiom-developer] GCL used commercially?
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 17:44:34 -0700
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I think that the Macsyma company used Austin-Kyoto-Common-Lisp
(which I believe is related to GCL) for its unix-sun/hp/.... version.
I do not know if they are still in a position to distribute
it, but I understand that there are still sales being made of
Macsyma for Windows by Kalman Reti.  Kalman may have more

I don't know if this relates to the current license


Richard Stallman wrote:
    I agree that the LGPL would be better, and I think the FSF agrees too
    for this application.

I wouldn't be sad to see GCL under the GPL.

GCL has had its current license for a long time.  Is there any
indication that this license has led proprietary software developers
to contribute substantially to GCL, or even led them to use it in
large numbers?

      In any case, were we to go GPL, I think at the
    minimum we would want to use a proprietary code allowing clause along
    the lines of clisp.

That would not work--it would encounter the same problem as using the
LGPL encounters: namely, that the various libraries and copied code
don't have such an exception.

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