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[Axiom-developer] Re: GCL used commercially

From: Tim Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: GCL used commercially
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 13:58:00 -0400

Fateman wrote:

> Thanks for the info! I guess I was mistaken in thinking Bill
> was not concerned with the details of the legal issues.
> If Bill rewrote GCL from the ground up, that would explain
> the change in license terms.
> PS, this was not sent to the maxima mailing list.. are the
> relevant people cc'd by virtue of one of the other lists?

re: did we copy the relevant people? probably not. unfortunately i have
to wait until i get home to resend it as i didn't copy my work email
either. you're welcome to forward it to the gcl and maxima lists.


> As a rough cut, my guess is that at a relatively lean company
> $100,000 would be divided this way:
> $50k salary
> $10k maintenance of computer system for that person
>       (hardware, software, staff, upgrades)
> $30k health, retirement, soc. sec. benefits
> $10k company admin. (secretarial, accounting, office rental, phone..)
> Your $50k would then be taxed, of course.

$50k, $100k, Hey, I'm cheap and easy. Any number with a comma in
it that supports my coding addiction is most welcome :-). 

Currently I'm muttering about ways to support the Axiom developers. 
One suggestion I'm pursuing heavily is to try to set up a tax-exempt 
corp so we can go after corporate grants or govt grants. There are so 
few Axiom-quality math experts that I think I need to tempt them with 
cash. I'm willing to work for nothing (actually, Axiom's cost me about
$2500 in "incidental expenses" (invited talks that didn't get fully
paid for, copies of the axiom textbook I give out for free, phone calls
to developers, hosting, media for the Rosetta CD I give out, etc) so far.)
Axiom's real strength is as a research platform rather than a compute
engine and I'd like to convince researchers to write it into their
grants. A corporate name would make it so much easier for companies
to handle especially if they can get a tax break. And the NSF could
probably be convinced to support a researcher or two. Plus the corporate
route will enable the code to remain free and available even if I get
hit by the proverbial bus.

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