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[Axiom-developer] Re: serveral bugs in codebase

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: serveral bugs in codebase
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 22:44:10 -0400


The duplicate set issue test is:

dom:=MonoidRing(Polynomial PrimeField 5, Permutation Integer)
set [p,p] ==> {1,1}

  but should be
          ==> {1}

the other test is:

  one? p  ==> false

but should be
          ==> true

As mentioned in a previous email Axiom stores its variable bindings
in a "frame" which, internally is an alist stored in the variable

If you create the 'dom' variable above you can see it by doing:

)lisp (pprint |$InteractiveFrame|)

btw, you can type

)lisp (setq $DALYMODE t)

and then any line that begins with an open-paren at the Axiom
prompt will be given directly to the lisp. e.g. after setting
$dalymode above you can type:

(pprint |$InteractiveFrame|)

directly to the Axiom prompt. It makes lisp debugging easier.


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