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[Axiom-developer] New tm_axiom (was: Help!)

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] New tm_axiom (was: Help!)
Date: 01 Nov 2003 22:15:46 -0500

David, Tim;

Well, no need to panic, I guess... but jeez' I hate it when this

I do have everything (I think) on another computer. Unfortunately
I wont be back in front of that machine until Tuesday. If we can't
find everything before then, I can restore it then. But I did find
the tutorial, so that is back now. And both the old and new versions
of tm_axiom are there.

David, thanks also for your work on tm_axiom. I have just finished
re-compiling Axiom from the current CVS and I installed and tested
your new version of tm_axiom. It works greate. I especially like
the Makefile. The installation instructions are a bit arduous,
althought quite clear. Perhaps we need a "make install" option?

Bill Page.

On Sat, 2003-11-01 at 18:45, Bill Page wrote:
> David,
> I just did something very stupid ...
> While thinking that I should "clean up" the old versions
> of tm_axiom that were in the axiom_texmacs directory in
> the Files section of Savannah, I checked that I had all
> the files I wanted in my upload/axiom/axiom_texmacs
> directory and then did
>   rsync -z -v --rsh=ssh --recursive --delete .
> address@hidden:/upload/axiom
> And the damned thing did exactly what I told it to do -
> deleted everything but my new axiom_texmacs directory!
> So it is real clean now! In fact everything else is gone.
> Is there a chance that you may have done this the right
> way and copied everything to your system first? If so,
> could you please replace what I deleted?
> So sorry.
> Bill Page.

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