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Re: [Axiom-developer] windows port

From: michel . lavaud
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] windows port
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 13:56:05 +0100

Hello Tim,

> Bill,
> check out
> I've been looking at the windows port a bit more.
> Except for the fact that it is C++ (I just spent a month
> rewriting Magnus, my other computer algebra system which
> is in C++) it looks like it might be useful.

My understanding of wxWindows is that it is mainly a library to build guis
usable under various OSes (Linux, Windows and Mac). So it could be useful
for the future, if you want to build interfaces for Axiom, or maybe to
port Advi under multiple OSes, but I wonder if it is really useful right
now, just to compile Axiom on Windows ?  I would say it is more like
Tcl/Tk or Python/Tk? But I maybe wrong, it's a long time since I looked at
wxWindows and discussed with Julian Smart.

Best wishes
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