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[Axiom-developer] Re: [Axiom-mail] Mailing list note

From: Francois Maltey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: [Axiom-mail] Mailing list note
Date: 17 Nov 2003 14:43:05 +0100
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Tim explains :

> If you installed the latest Axiom over a previous version you would
> have to do a 
>   make clean
> first. Axiom caches a large amount of work. In this case it looks like
> you have a cached version of noweb (which has changed in this release).
> Axiom sees the file /home/fmv/axiom/noweb which is a "marker file"
> that tells Axiom not to rebuild noweb. The make clean command removes
> this file.

The make clean doesn't remove the file noweb.

I must be root to start make.
  The right on directories are too limited.

Thanks for your help !

And is it able to improve the interpret ?
I like to have exactly the same syntax in interpret and when I read a file ?
And I like to use it in emacs. (I do so for mupad)

You write that Axiom sources are in tex files with explain.
What *.dvi file must I read if I want to understand the interpret ?

Have a good day !


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