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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: [Gcl-devel] fedora and GCL

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: [Gcl-devel] fedora and GCL
Date: 18 Nov 2003 11:06:08 -0500
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Hi Tim!

Is this in the same tree which you configured with --enable-debug and
failed at the raw_pre_gcl -> saved_pre_gcl stage?

Here is the makefile rule:

grep raw makefile

saved_%:raw_% $(RSYM) init_%.lsp \
        $(PORTDIR)/raw_$*$(EXE) $(PORTDIR)/ -libdir $(GCLDIR)/ < foo
raw_%: lib%.a libgclp.a $(SYSTEM_OBJS) $(EXTRAS)
        $(CC) -o raw_$*$(EXE) $(filter %.o,$^) \
        rm -rf  saved_*$(EXE) raw_*$(EXE) *.o core a.out $(RSYM) \
.INTERMEDIATE: init_ansi_gcl.lsp.tmp init_gcl.lsp.tmp raw_gcl raw_ansi_gcl

You can also just look at the link command in the failed build output
and execute it manually.  Mine is for example:

gcc -o raw_pre_gcl  \
        -L.  -u __gmpn_toom3_mul_n -lpre_gcl -lm  -lgmp 
/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/3.3.2/../../../libiberty.a -lreadline -lncurses -lc 

'make raw_pre_gcl' in the unixport directory results in the above for
me, but only after configure and building in the o/ directory,
(i.e. at the point of your reported failure).  You need libpre_gcl.a
first of course, when can be explicity made with 'make libpre_gcl.a'.

Take care,

Tim Daly  <address@hidden> writes:

> Camm,
> I tried 
>  cd unixport && make raw_pre_gcl
> and it says:
>  make: *** No rule to make target `raw_pre_gcl'. Stop.
> I read the makefile and 'tis true.
> Unfortunately my Fedora system is heavily firewalled and on
> a non-routing subnet so it can't be reached from where you are.
> Tim
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