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[Axiom-developer] [Q&A][2004-02-04] Current bug status

From: David MENTRE
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [Q&A][2004-02-04] Current bug status
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 20:10:14 +0100
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We have currently 30[1] open bugs. Here is the list of them with some
comments. I tried to sort them by severity, so that we could do our
stable release as fast as possible.

I'm new to this "job", so do not hesitate to criticize, add new bugs or
add any things I have overlooked.

And last but not least, each one of us should try to fix them. There is
no magic silver bullet to fix bugs. :)

I have used following severity levels:
 9 - Blocker: a show stopper bug. Must be fixed for our next stable
              release (i.e. release critical)
 5 - Average: An annoying bug that should be fixed
 3 - Ordinary & 1 - None: feature wish and other low priority
                          items. More a reminder than a bug.

Item ID  Severity       Status          Summary
=======  ========       ======          =======

7585    9 - Blocker     Open    The current free Axiom has no complete 
5906    5 - Average     Open    TeX display of long variable names is broken 
  Just a bad display. Reduce it at severity 3?

4551    5 - Average     Open    duplicate functions exists. optimizer complains 
during rebuild 
  As far as I know, it does not impact Axiom compilation and
  working. Reduce severity to 3?

4552    5 - Average     Open    protect* functions should be #:NAG only 

4556    5 - Average     Open    duplicate definition of a function in PSETCAT 

4561    5 - Average     Open    axiom option -rm no longer works 
4562    5 - Average     Open    axiom option -rv no longer works 

4564    5 - Average     Open    Axiom access to OpenMath library no longer 
  Apparently, this is a show stopper for at least one of our potential

4582    5 - Average     Open    Semantic Errors when building algebra 
  I don't know if those are just warnings or real errors.

4583    5 - Average     Open    French error message when building SPLTREE 
  Is it a real error or just a funny message?

5786    5 - Average     Open    TeX output broken on factor(15) 
  Once again, a display error. Reduce severity to 3?

6357    5 - Average     Open    sqrt(-1/abs(x))-1/sqrt(-abs(x))=>0 

6490    5 - Average     Open    when is broken 
  Should I move this one to severity 9?

6863    5 - Average     Open    The normal distribution should be numerically 

7376    5 - Average     Open    integrate fails 
  This one is fixed. -1.

7527    5 - Average     Open    Clef does not work 
  This one is fixed. -1.

6093    5 - Average     Open    Missing tex-tags in axiom.sty 

4580    5 - Average     Fix proposed    With safety 3 activated, axiom does not 
  Maybe I should reduce this one to severity 3? On the other side, I
  wonder if some bugs are not lying in the underlying lisp.

4733    5 - Average     Fix proposed    Floating point error round(-3.77623) 
  A real issue. Should I increase to severity 9?

5379    5 - Average     Fix proposed    Missing algebra (was: package 
CombinatorialFunction (COMBF) is missing) 
  Is it release critical? I don't think so.

5743    5 - Average     Fix proposed    Makefile issues: INTERP.EXPOSED is 
remade every time & typos in the algebra/Makefile 
  Wasn't this one fixed?

4553    3 - Ordinary    Open    one? function calls need to be restored 
4565    3 - Ordinary    Open    log10 in GCL returns a bad value for 
5614    3 - Ordinary    Open    incorrect TeX output from radix() 
5785    3 - Ordinary    Open    partialFraction((2*x^3)::UP(x, FRAC INT), 
(1-x^2)) is not correctly expanded 
6903    3 - Ordinary    Open    Category compiles with the compiler but not 
within the interpreter 
4578    3 - Ordinary    Open    Underlying common lisp system should have a 
binding to OpenMATH library 
5928    2               Open    Rethink TeX output design 
5927    1 - None        Open    Remove "latex" from algebra code 
4585    1 - None        Open    Lisp system should handle unlimited number of 


[1] In fact, after writing this email, I see we have only 28 bugs
    left. :)

David MENTRE <address@hidden> --

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