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[Axiom-developer] FW: [TeXmacs] LiveTeXmacs- CDROM released

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] FW: [TeXmacs] LiveTeXmacs- CDROM released
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 17:14:46 -0500

Tim, et al.

I think it would be great if we could get Axiom into
a state where it could be included on one of these
stand-alone Linux CD rom products. I think it might
lead to a lot of good exposure of Axiom to the "next

Does anyone have an opinion about the best way to
approach this?

Can we set a target date to be ready for this? Say, at
the latest sometime before next September. Earlier?
How much needs to be done to get Axiom ready? I use
Axiom right now with TeXmacs with very few problems,
but of course it is not what I would call "turn-key".
But then neither are many of the other open source
packages that are included in the list of software
mentioned in the email below.


Bill Page.

-----Original Message-----
From: Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 11:07 AM
To: chu-ching huang
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [TeXmacs] LiveTeXmacs- CDROM released

Chu-Ching and Others,

SciLix is a LiveCD for Universitary Teaching based on Morphix (a modular
derived of Knoppix). Its intended for CAS and Algoritmic Programing and
shares a lot of programs with the LiveCD that Chu-Ching its doing
(except Macaulay and the documents). Also it uses the XFCE light weigth
integrated desktop enrironment instead of KDE for faster performance on
Ram and Hard Disk and less space utilization.

You can get more info about it in:

(A new updated and corrected english version will be available soon)

This is also and oportunity to celebrate the joining efforts of the
Freeduc and the SciLix Projects. Freeduc is a Educative LiveCD sponsored
by the Unesco and Hilaire Fernandez, developer leader of
Ofset(Organization for Free Software in Education and Teaching) , has
offered to me the Freeduc Leadership and maintenance of the Freeduc
Project (and I have acepted likely), so its also the oportunity to say
thanks for the recognition of the, not always visible, latin american
contribution in the free software development. As a result of that join,
SciLix counts with a new and bigger ftp server. You can download the
last ISO image and mainmodules at:

I hope you enjoy,


Pdt: Chu-Ching, wich is the license for the included documentation of
Calculus and Demos in LiveTeXmacs? Have you considered the
CreativeCommons Atribution Share-Alike license for that documents?
( May be in this way I can Include a spanish
version of that documents in the SciLix CD and we can join even more
efforts. Would be nice some documentation about the inclusion of

El mié, 18-02-2004 a las 01:07, chu-ching huang escribió: 
> Hi Joris and TeXmacs users,
> Before the Linux kernal changed to 2.6, A more compact Knoppix-based
> Linux CDROM focus on TeXmacs ans CAS is released, about 701mb, (named 
> LiveTeXmacs-, :-)). It contains:
> TeXmacs-, Octave, R , Maxima, graphviz , yacas, pari, gnuplot, 
> Eukleides, Dr.Geo, qcl, rlab, Macaulay 2 (M2), Scilab, and some texmacs
> files ( in /usr/dems/TeXmacs) about Calculus (not yet finished). The image

> file will be downloaded from:
> And this is to your new-born angel!
> Best regards, 
> -- 
> chu-ching huang 
> email address:address@hidden

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