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[Axiom-developer] RE: [TeXmacs] Axiom plugin

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: [TeXmacs] Axiom plugin
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 05:43:08 -0500

On Wednesday, February 25, 2004 3:55 AM chu-ching huang
address@hidden wrote:

> > ... 
> > Perhaps your problem with "axiom icon" is caused
> > by something else?
> > 
> Not "icon" but "option" in [session].
> Sorry, such mistake bothers you so much.

No, it is my mistake. I understand now what you mean.
> Today, I remake the LiveTeXmacs to include Axiom. Some 
> installation notes are
> as followed :
> 1. Still modify tm_axiom.c: [AXIOMsys]->[axiom]
> 2. copy $spad/mnt/linux to /usr/local/axiom
> 3. edit /etc/profile, add:
>    export AXIOM=/usr/local/axiom
>    export PATH=$AXIOM/bin:$PATH
> 4. add the link:
>    ln -s /usr/local/axiom/bin/axiom /usr/local/bin/AXIOMsys

This is ok but step 1. is not necessary. You can keep
tm_axiom.c as it is in the standard distribution. I think
it is simplier if you just do

  1. copy $spad/mnt/linux to /usr/local/axiom
  2. edit /etc/profile, add:
     export AXIOM=/usr/local/axiom
     export PATH=$AXIOM/bin:$PATH

$spad/mnt/linux/bin/axiom is (or will be in the near
future) a script which does not do anything useful for
TeXmacs in the current version (provided you have set
the /etc/profile correctly). In the future this script
will probably also invoke other processes (such as clef
and graphics) which may interfere with or delay Axiom.
But they are very desirable if you run Axiom from the
command line.

> Now axiom can be called under terminal and TeXmacs.

Anyway, if it works for you now this all is not
really such a big deal. We can straighten it out
again later if necessary.

> Another question: Is AXIOM_book is the manual about
> axiom? Where can I find it? 

Partial documentation is availabe here

This material has not yet been moved back onto

Tim Daly is currently in the process of updating
the original Jenks and Sutor AXIOM book. As you
can see from his message below. It is available
in rough draft form from

  tla get address@hidden/axiom--book--1

(GNUarch archive) but I am not sure whether it is
suitable yet for distribution on your CD rom.

Thank you for all your working on updating the
LiveTeXmacs CD to include the newest version of
open Axiom.

Bill Page.

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From: root [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004 5:11 PM
To: address@hidden
Cc: address@hidden; address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] graphics code


>does that mean, that tenkan is now the most actual source, or can / shall
>I use savannah further (my modemconnection is quite slow, so I appreciate
>the cvs which needs only to load changed files, I guess this is impossible
>with anu-arch and I have to download a full new copy?)

Savannah is "released" code. That is, I've run it thru all of the building
and testing. This is where people who just want to use Axiom should get
their code.

Unfortunately I have a dozen or so paths of code under development some
of which will not yet even compile. I've been doing all of the development
work on these locally. That takes a long time and no-one can really share
in the effort.

In order to expose my current working state to the rest of the world on
different efforts I have set up a second archive on tenkan. This archive
has a main branch (axiom--release--1) which is code that will end up being
copied to savannah. It also has several secondary branches that are works
in progress. The current branches are:

  axiom--release--1    the pre-savannah testing version
  axiom--book--1       the axiom book branch
  axiom--cats--1       the CATS (Computer Algebra Test Suite) branch
  axiom--crystal--1    the new Crystal browser branch
  axiom--graphics--1   the axiom graphics code

I'm adding branches as I separate my local pile into distinct efforts.
None of the code in each distinct branch is on savannah yet but the
intention is to merge it and put it there eventually (once it works).

I want to create a separate branch for your algebra code. I've purchased
a book on Quantum Field Theory (Kaku) which has a few strong chapters on
group theory, including Poincare and Lorentz groups. I'm trying to 
understand the algebra that underlies the physics work you're doing.
It seems clear that Lie algebras are an area we need to strengthen.

>Second q: I have tried to redo some of the calculations in the AXIOM book
>Jenks-Sutor, some of the things there do not work as expected, are you
>interested in these or are you aware that eg the symmetric function
>package does not load (I skipped graphics by now)

There are two things that would be useful. 

First is to post a bug report so that any things you find 
don't get lost. The bug reporting can be done on Savannah.

Second is that the book is now online and, if you're in the mood,
you can work out a corrected version of the example, download the
axiom--book--1 branch, fix it and send me the patches.


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