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[Axiom-developer] gnu-arch axiom--book--1 (corrected version of instruct

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] gnu-arch axiom--book--1 (corrected version of instructions)
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 19:31:08 -0500

The Axiom book is coming along. The entire book can now be extracted
from src/doc/book.pamphlet and the resulting tex file will properly
completely (though not fullly correctly) tex.

I've worked on the whole book and proofread the first 200 pages of the
electronic copy of the book which correspond to the first 4 chapters
of the paper version.

The electronic version is different from the paper version and 
incorporates work by Martin Dunstan. Once the first completed
version is finished there are yet other changes to incorporate.

You can get the latest copy by using GNU-Arch (the tar gzip file
is in the zips directory of the latest Axiom CVS version).

0. tla my-default-archive address@hidden
1. tla archive-setup axiom-book--1
2. tla get axiom-book--1
3. cd axiom--book--1--patch-8
4. export AXIOM=`pwd`/mnt/linux
5. make start
6. cd src/doc
7. export PATH=$AXIOM/bin:$PATH
8. document -o noise book
9. xdvi book.dvi

Feedback is appreciated.


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