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[Axiom-developer] which branches exist

From: Tim Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] which branches exist
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 13:56:16 -0500


There are two ways to know what branches exist. The mechanical way
is to do the following:

tla my-default-archive address@hidden
tla get axiom--release--1
cd axiom--release--1--patch-7
tla branches

which will tell you what branches exist. The second way is to ask me.
The current branches are:

axiom--acl2              the Axiom-ACL2 merge effort
axiom--book              the axiom book and other documentation efforts
axiom--cats              the computer algebra test suite (CATS)
axiom--crystal           the crystal assistant software
axiom--graphics          the graphics code for axiom
axiom--release           the "official" main trunk (mirrored to savannah)

There will be other branches as I continue to decouple my local 
development swamp. I did a bit of work on the book, the acl2, and the
crystal branches this weekend. 

I have several other efforts underway in my local swamp to be exported.
Planned (but not yet created) near-term branches are:

axiom--advi              active documentation with embedded axiom
axiom--aldor             recovery of aldor support
axiom--algebra           a set of algebra developments with others
axiom--beowulf           parallel algorithm support on beowulf
axiom--booklet           meta-organization of axiom's pamphlet structure
axiom--cmucl             the next common lisp port
axiom--coerce            Nic's phd work on exact coercions
axiom--fortran           recovery of the fortran library support
axiom--hypertex          recovery of hypertex functionality
axiom--proviso           pervasive proviso support, including indefinites
axiom--lattice           tools to make the axiom math structure visisble
axiom--literate          new literate programming tools
axiom--magnus            infinite group theory work
axiom--openmath          recovery of the openmath interface
axiom--science           science support (eg Poincare groups for Field Theory)
axiom--simplify          simplification research
axiom--web               possible grid-web interface with Paul Wang's group 
axiom--zlc               a zero-learning curve interface

If I work on things like the book locally no-one else can help with
the efforts. Making the branches public allows others to contribute.
CVS on savannah would be too hard to manage so I set up a GNU-Arch
server (which is currently mirrored by David Mentre).


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