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[Axiom-developer] Mathematical Knowledge Management 2004 - 2nd CFP

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Mathematical Knowledge Management 2004 - 2nd CFP
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 00:27:12 -0500

This is related to the 30 year horizon direction of Axiom.

Please post - apologies for multiple copies.

                         MKM 2004

             Third International Conference on


                  September 19 - 21, 2004
                    Bialowieza - Poland
           (organized by University of Bialystok)

                  Second Call for Papers

Mathematical Knowledge Management is a new field in the intersection
of mathematics and computer science.

We need new techniques for managing the enormous volume of
mathematical knowledge available in current mathematical sources and
making it available through the new developments in information

Mathematical knowledge is a treasure unsurpassed in its extent,
richness, and interconnectedness, its vitality to engineering,
science, and mathematics itself, its daily use by millions of people.
And thus mathematical knowledge seems to be an excellent candidate for
testing innovative theoretical and technological solutions for
content-based information systems, their interoperability, and
management of machine processable information on the Semantic Web.

The Conference aims to bring together mathematicians, software
developers, publishing companies, math organizations, and
teachers for exchanging their views and approaches, current activities
and new initiatives.

                        CALL FOR PAPERS

The Conference looks for original contributions to theoretical,
technological and pragmatical aspects of Mathematical Knowledge
Management. Papers focused on system/projects descriptions and
comparison, standardization efforts, critical surveys, large
experiments, and case studies are particularly welcome. A list of
topics (to be understood as specialized to the realm of mathematical
information) comprises but is not restricted to:

Authoring languages and tools     MathML and XML based standards
Computer Algebra Systems          Metadata
Data Mining                       Deduction Systems
Digital Libraries                 Math Assistants
Interactive learning              Searching and Retrieving
Web presentation of mathematics   Languages of mathematics
Knowledge representation          Repositories of formalized mathematics


The submission of papers will be electronic and should be emailed
directly to the Program Committee using the email address:
The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2004. Submitted papers must
be original and not submitted for publication elsewhere. All papers
submitted to the Conference will be reviewed. Accepted papers will
appear in the proceedings before the Conference (see below).


The proceedings of the Conference we plan to publish in the
Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science series
( Submitted papers must be
prepared according to "Authors Instructions of LNCS"
( We strongly
encourage the author(s) to use LaTeX. Authors of accepted papers
are expected to present their work at the conference.


The MKM 2004 will be held in Conference Centre of the Bialowieza
National Park (listed on the World Heritage List), situated on the
grounds of historic, picturesque Palace Park, in neighbourhood of the
one of a few remaining European lowland natural forests. The wilderness
of nature and beauty of the scenery create an unforgettable atmosphere
of the kingdom of bisons (

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline:                    April 15, 2004
Notification of acceptance/rejection:   June 1st, 2004
Camera ready copies:                    July 1st, 2004
Conference:                             September 19 - September 21, 2004

Affiliated Workshops

- - - Mathematical User-Interfaces, September 18, 2004,
  organized by Paul Libbrecht,
- - - 30 years of Mizar, organized by Grzegorz Bancerek.

Program Committee:

Andrzej Trybulec,    Univ. of Bialystok, Poland  (Chair)
Andrew A. Adams,     University of Reading, U.K.
Andrea Asperti,      University of Bologna, Italy
Bruno Buchberger,    RISC Linz, Austria
Roy McCasland ,      U. of Edinburgh, U.K.
James Davenport,     University of Bath, U.K.
William M.Farmer,    McMaster University, Canada
Herman Geuvers,      Katholieke U. Nijmegen, NL
Therese Hardin,      U. Paris 6, France
Fairouz Kamareddine, Heriot-Watt U., U.K.
Michael Kohlhase,    Carnegie Mellon Univ., U.S.A.
Paul Libbrecht,      Saarland University, Germany
Bengt Nordstrom,     Chalmers U. of Techn., Sweden
Renaud Rioboo,       U. Paris 6, France
Bernd Wegner,        Technical U. of Berlin, Germany

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Questions should be sent to conference chair:
Roman Matuszewski, mailto:address@hidden
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