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Re: [Axiom-developer] bugzilla

From: David MENTRE
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] bugzilla
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 20:50:15 +0100
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Hello Tim,

root <address@hidden> writes:

> At is a command-line utility
> to submit bugs to bugzilla. Has anyone tried this yet?

No. However, this script requires python and it seems to be bugzilla
specific. As far as I know, savannah is not using bugzilla.

> I'd like to have a program in Axiom so you can just say "reportbug"
> that would send bug-email to mozilla at the axiom site. It needs to
> figure out the current version of axiom that is running, which opsys,
> and send out mail which can be read into the bugzilla database on
> savannah. That minimizes the pain users have to go thru to report a bug.

I agree with you that such a script would be helpfull. This script could
also be used in case Axiom does not compile.

Please call the script something like axiom-report-bug, because some
systems like debian have already a reportbug command.

Having the same fields as the current bug report form would be useful.

Why not adding a 'make dist' Makefile target that makes the tarball for
source distribution? This target would prepare a shell script that
includes the Arch branch and revision[1] to know on which source code
the bug is reported. Or just a 'make axiom-report-bug' to produce the

For operating system, "uname -a" should be sufficient.

However, I don't know how to find current user email and user name (from
$USER env variable?).

I propose following script as a starting point:




reportfile=`mktemp` || (echo "Cannot create temporary file" && exit 1)
system=`uname -a`

editor=`which emacs`

echo "Axiom bug report for $version" > $reportfile
echo "System: $system" >> $reportfile
echo "User: $USER" >> $reportfile
echo "-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-" >> $reportfile
echo "Title: please enter a miningful bug report title here" >> $reportfile
echo >> $reportfile
echo "Please make a detail report on what is failing: the commands you" >> 
echo "have typed, the results Axiom has produced, the expected results." >> 
echo >> $reportfile

$editor $reportfile

mail "$emailaddr" < $reportfile

echo "I have sent your bug report to $emailaddr. You can also find it in file 

I don't know how to guess correctly the $editor part and the $USER part.


[1] "tla logs -f|tail -1" produces something like:
David MENTRE <address@hidden> --

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