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[Axiom-developer] Patch to produce the book in the ${MNT}/${SYS}/doc dir

From: David MENTRE
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Patch to produce the book in the ${MNT}/${SYS}/doc directory
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 14:58:27 +0100
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Here is a patch that adds the Axiom Book as a target in the
Makefile. The ps/ directory is copied into the target directory,
otherwise the dvi book lacks graphics.

--- src/doc/Makefile.pamphlet.orig      2004-03-27 14:07:21.000000000 +0100
+++ src/doc/Makefile.pamphlet   2004-03-27 14:51:05.000000000 +0100
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
 ${OUT}/tex/axiom.sty: ${IN}/axiom.sty.pamphlet
        @echo 5 making ${OUT}/tex/axiom.sty from ${IN}/axiom.sty.pamphlet
-       @(cd ${OUT}/tex ;
+       @(cd ${OUT}/tex ; \
        ${TANGLE} -Raxiom.sty ${IN}/axiom.sty.pamphlet >axiom.sty )
@@ -49,6 +49,20 @@
        cp DeveloperNotes.dvi ${DVI} )
+This file contains the main documentation for Axiom, the Axiom Book. We
+take care to copy the whole [[ps/]] directory that contains images used
+by the book.
+${DVI}/book.dvi: ${IN}/book.pamphlet
+       @echo 7 making ${DVI}/book.dvi from ${IN}/book.pamphlet
+       @(cd ${MID} ; \
+       cp ${IN}/book.pamphlet ${MID} ; \
+        ${SPADBIN}/document ${NOISE} book ; \
+       cp book.dvi ${DVI}; \
+       cp -r ${IN}/ps ${DVI} )
 \section{The Makefile}
 We need to document the commands.
@@ -57,7 +71,8 @@
-FILES= ${MID}/axiom.bib ${OUT}/tex/axiom.sty ${DVI}/DeveloperNotes.dvi
+FILES= ${MID}/axiom.bib ${OUT}/tex/axiom.sty ${DVI}/DeveloperNotes.dvi \
+       ${DVI}/book.dvi
 all: ${FILES}
        @echo 1 making ${SRC}/doc
@@ -65,6 +80,7 @@
        @echo 3 documenting ${SRC}/doc

By the way, Tim, I think it would be useful to produce a PDF file which
is the defacto standard for documentation. We have several options: 

 - use pdflatex (it would consist in making a pdfdocument command). The
   main issue is that pdflatex can only import graphics in the pdf
   format. It can be tricky to write a latex file that can be compiled
   for both dvi and pdf formats. I've done that once but I don't
   remember how. I'll dig into my archives;

 - produce a postscript file and then translate it into PDF format
   (using a command like ps2pdf). There might be issues with the quality
   of the produced PDF file (issue related to true type font 1 vs. 3

David MENTRE <address@hidden> --

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