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Re: [Axiom-developer] A possible "navigation" approach for Axiom "cryst

From: Bertfried Fauser
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] A possible "navigation" approach for Axiom "crystal"
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 23:11:53 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, root wrote:

> An excellent idea. How would you propose we approach such a problem?
> Would we set up a wiki? Is the software they are using available?
> Can we arrange to maintain our wiki portions as subportions of these
> other wikis? If we do the syntax change of chunks from:
>    <<a chunk defn>>=
> to a latex form:
>    \chunkdefn{a chunk defn}
> can we parse this into MathML using some standard tools?

Dear Bill, and Tim,

to set up a wiki is quite easy, you might find one on my web-page
concerned with the documentation of Clifford and Bigebra.- My experience
is however, that is take reasonable time to reformat documents (eg the
500p documentation of Clifford and Bigebra) into the format used by wikis.
Wikis are optimized to serve a human to format text easily, so that
virtually everyone can edit a page, without knowing any html (not to speak
about LaTeX, or MathML) I do not see an easy automatical conversion. This
is also not the idea of a wiki, being automatically generated from
unaccesiible (via the wiki interface) source, say directly from teh axiom
code. If I understand literate programming correctly, it should however
approch the wiki idea somehow, to allow to document and change the
pamphlet files over the web, this might be restricted to documentation,
not to spoil the code of the official release.


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